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Releasing the Grip of Idolatry

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img_1871Several studies corroborate the statistic that 85% of those who believe in Jesus make that life-changing decision before the age of 18. In China alone there are around 300,000,000 people under the age of 18.

If the body of Christ doesn’t reach them with the gospel many of these young people are destined to a  life filled with the worship of idols and then eternity without God.

This frightening statement from missiologist Christopher Wright shows the detrimental results of idolatry:

False gods destroy and devour lives, health and resources; they distort and diminish our humanity; they preside over injustice, greed, perversion, cruelty, lust, and violence. It is possibly the most satanic dimension of their deceptive power, that in spite of all this, they still persuade people that they are the beneficent protectors of their worshipers’ identity, dignity and prosperity, and must therefore be defended at all costs. Only the gospel can unmask these claims.

In our work throughout the world we have witnessed first hand the devastation of idolatry. Idolatry has a death grip that holds worshippers captive in a world of suffering, poverty, exploitation, with complete and utter hopelessness.

The worship of idols and false gods is the predominant religion of the unreached world. Nearly sixty percent of unreached people groups worship idols and the other forty percent are Muslims who worship a false god. As Christopher Wright says above idolatry devours lives and resources. What we have seen in this regard is that unreached peoples worship idols and are predominantly needy.  There is a correlation between idolatry and poverty as 80% of unreached people groups are amongst the world’s poorest people.

Only the gospel can stop the downward spiral idolatry causes in individuals and people groups. The enemy uses this stranglehold of idolatry to carry out his work of stealing, killing, and destroying.  The good news is that Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and He is using His Feet International to challenge idolatry with the gospel in several unreached people groups.

One of those groups is the Hani people. Less than 1% of Hani people are Christians. For more than ten years we have been investing in Bible training for Hani people as well as dispatching teams of evangelists to spread the good news.  One of our team members is from the Hani tribe; national missionary Timothy Yang.

Timothy committed his life to Jesus and was trained through our ministry. Now he serves full-time on our team. The harmful effects of idolatry are something that Timothy has observed his entire life. The Hani people worship idols.  They are one of China’s poorest tribes.  One crisis young Hani people face today is a crippling drug epidemic.

Determined to reach his own, Timothy continues to minister to his tribe.  Just this past month Timothy and his wife Hannah hosted a 4-day Bible training camp for 80 young people.

In one session with the high school and college age young people, Timothy taught them the dangers of idol worship and how to worship the one true God.

Throughout the four days they emphasized the theme of the camp, which was “living out your faith.”  Their times of worship and ministry were powerful.  Many young people placed their faith in Jesus Christ and denounced false religion.

One brother who was  touched and challenged by this training was a 19-year-old high school student named Jian San. Before the training he was involved in a sexual relationship with a girl who was not a believer. He wanted to break off the relationship but found no strength to do so.

One teaching session for the older campers was focused on Christian life before marriage. The purpose of this session was to prepare them for a godly marriage and teach against sexual immorality. Deeply disturbed at feeling the seriousness of his sin and the troubling thought of being unequally yoked, Jian San decided to repent and finally call off the relationship in order to follow Jesus with his whole heart.

Your gifts and prayers help us to continue to destroy the works of idolatry and bring the truth to people that are suffering idolatry’s devastating affects.  Our training ministry is key to reaching the unreached and has always been a focused ministry of His Feet International. Through training we are making disciples who make disciples.  In recent months contributions have been low. Would you consider a gift to help make worshippers out of those who currently worship idols?

Grateful to be His Feet,


img_1873 The Hani were deeply touched by God’s presence at the training.

Over 80 young people were trained.

God is using us to be a part of raising up the next generation leaders and workers who will take the gospel to their own tribe and other unreached people groups.



Crashing the Wildman Party

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The remote, mountaintop village of Xinhua looked deserted as I and some team members pulled our vehicle to a stop at the edge of town. We soon discovered that almost the entire village had congregated at what might be called their “fairgrounds” to celebrate a festival called (according to the best translation I can come up with) the “Welcome the Wild Man Festival,” and we were just in time to join the party! (As the only foreigner there I wondered if some thought I was the wild man!)

We traveled to Xinhua, deep in the mountains of Asia, to meet people of peace—those who are not necessarily believers but who are not hostile to the gospel, and who are, we believe, prepared by God to help open a door for the gospel into an unreached tribe. They in turn, we prayed, would provide an opening into a tribe called the Nisu.

We recently discovered the Nisu (considered unreached according the Joshua Project) speak the same language as the A-Che people with whom we’ve been working to reach for many years. Our team has translated and recorded select Bible stories and the gospel message in the A-Che language, with which we originally thought we could reach around 40,000 people, many of whom are illiterate. After learning that we can reach the Nisu with the same recordings we realized we could now possibly touch 240,000 additional souls!

In March my team and I set out to find the Nisu people. That’s when we crashed the Wild Man party. As it turned out, the festival was a great excuse for us to be in such a remote region, one that the government considers “sensitive.” Another blessing, thanks to our God working his perfect plan, was that we encountered a virtual buffet of persons of peace—nearly 5,000 people, including all from surrounding villages, had converged on Xinhua for this festival—many of whom we counted as new friends. We also left town with many invitations to come to their home villages!

At left, festival participants; at right, men sacrificing animals to the spirits of rocks and trees while wearing tribal clothing and skin paint (the priestly-looking guy in the center was also sporting a hands-free microphone attached to his left ear, no doubt a relatively recent addition to this primitive celebration!)

A few of the ladies at the festival who were dressed in vibrant traditional clothing

One of the persons of peace we met at the Xinhua festival was MeiLan, a woman who helped acquaint my team with the language, dress and locations of various Nisu settlements. When we first arrived in her town, however, we were unable to meet with MeiLan. Although initially a bit disappointed, we soon discovered that God was interrupting our plans so that, while we were waiting, we’d meet a passerby named Mr. Pu. One of our team, Pastor Paul Fang, struck up a conversation with the stranger. He soon learned that Mr. Pu had once heard the gospel and believed, but he was never discipled, experienced fellowship, or even owned a Bible!

There we were, thousands of miles from where Mr. Pu first met Jesus, participating in the plan of God in a remote town near the border of Myanmar. Mr. Pu told us how he’d been longing for instruction, so we invited him to join us for the entire evening. Pastor Paul encouraged him and gave him a Bible. To make this amazing story even better, Mr. Pu comes from the Lalu people, a tribe that is both unreached and unengaged (currently no known ministries working to reach them). We’re excited about one day carrying the gospel through the doors that will open into yet another tribe with no gospel witness, all because of our new connection with Mr. Pu, a person of peace!

Finally meeting up with MeiLan the next day, she took us to a mountaintop village to see some of her relatives. They were nowhere to be found, but this turned out to be a divine appointment once again! After realizing we weren’t going to find her relatives that day, we hiked up a path towards another group of homes. Along the way we met an elderly man named Mr. Zhu. He then invited us into his home.

Mr. Zhu, our new person of peace, began to tell us of the sacrifices his people make on the mountain to the spirits of the trees and the rocks. He described these rituals in great detail. As it turned out, Mr. Zhu was the village priest who actually made the sacrifices! Pastor Paul then shared several Bible stories with him in the A-Che/Nisu language. Mr. Zhu was so impressed with these stories that he wants to pass them on to the younger generation. Isn’t it amazing how God sent us to the top of the spiritual ladder in that region to build relationships and proclaim truth to those who have the influence to share it with many? All within the confines of communist China!

At left, a woman in traditional clothing playing a banjo-like instrument; at right, our new friend Mr. Zhu

Thank you for being one of our “persons of peace” for making this work possible through your gifts to His Feet International. Together we are taking the gospel to those who have never heard it before. Please pray for our gospel and Bible-story recordings to be widely distributed amongst the A-Che and Nisu. Pray for a mighty harvest to be reaped!

Love Conquers Leprosy

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How one man’s daughter (and granddaughter) bring joy to his heart—as well as to a community

Dear Friend of His Feet International,

Grandchildren are a joy and a comfort to most grandparents, but few elderly leprosy patients ever get to experience that pleasure. That’s because so many feared catching the dreaded disease prior to the introduction of effective medicines in the 1970s (and irrational fear and superstition still keeps many away). And that’s why patients were exiled to remote colonies, usually atop mountains. If married prior to infection, their spouses usually divorced them, taking the children; if single, government policy prohibited marriage and reproduction, violation of which brought severe punishment and shame. Hopes for a family and offspring were usually dashed, and visits from family members rare—if at all.

Bojing, at front left in the white hat, with other residents of his remote leprosy community

Fortunately for Bojing (a fictitious name used to protect his identity), his story is a beautiful exception to the rule. Despite the fact that Bojing has been in his current “rehabilitation village” for 57 of his 70 years, and was deserted by the woman leprosy patient who bore his child, this humble gentleman has been blessed with a devoted daughter. But after being left as a newborn to be raised in a nearby village by her grandmother, she never again saw the mother who forsook her. Over the years she did, however, return to visit her father Bojing with faithful regularity. Even now as an adult, married and working in a distant city, she brings her lovely daughter—Bojing’s granddaughter—to visit him every summer, staying for a few weeks at a time—much to Bojing’s delight.

At left, the contagious smile of Bojing; at right, Bojing’s granddaughter (enjoying an ice cream treat), the apple of his eye

This example of family devotion blessed us during my visit to several leprosy villages last month. This particular village also has the devotion of pastor Paul Fang who grew up in a nearby community. Though he had been brought up hearing warnings to never go near the leprosy village—nor eat the fruit off its trees or drink of the water from the stream flowing through it—his heart was drawn to the needs of its rejected residents after he met Jesus Christ. Seeing their misery, he asked how he could help, to which they replied, “We are hungry.” Thus began the provision of many distributions of food which has now grown into over a dozen leprosy colonies.

We’ve also helped leprosy communities install solar water-heating and distribution systems, constructed irrigation canals for their fields, provided medical care, and supplied wheelchairs and concrete ramps to facilitate movement. And we’ve sought to encourage each one, making certain they understand God’s love for them by showing them the Jesus Film and through teaching, preaching, and distributing Bibles and resources (this sometimes is a challenge due to tight government surveillance).

Thank you so much, HIs Feet International contributors, for allowing yourselves to be used by God to provide relief and comfort to these leprosy-afflicted brothers and sisters who are so close to the Father’s heart.

If you want to help us spread the word about the ministries of HIs Feet International please tell those you know would be interested. We are always willing to come and share at churches or any group, and to meet with people individually as well.

Grateful to be His Feet,

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