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His Feet International is a bridge for you to make a difference in the lives of people you may never have a chance to meet but who nonetheless need your encouragement through love, prayer, and support.  These precious people are people that have suffered poverty, disease, abuse, persecution, malnutrition, corruption, and myriads of other injustices.

Through our bridge you can bless the lives of so many people that would not be touched by your love and concern in any other way.   Many of us dream of how we can do something for our suffering brothers and sisters around the world.  Here is your opportunity to help the very people that Jesus called “the least of these.”   Get involved with His Feet International.  

Below are some pics and descriptions of the projects we are doing:


Handicapped Accessible Shower Rooms in Leprosy Villages – Leprosy victims constantly have cuts and wounds they don’t even realize they have. This leaves them prone to simple bacterial infections that can lead to serious complications including amputation. Many of these infections can be prevented simply by showering. The problem is that none of the Leprosy colonies have showers. We know of 147 Leprosy colonies that do not have showers. It is our goal to provide handicapped accessible showers to as many Leprosy colonies as we can. Right now our team is building them. Can you help us to keep building? Each Shower costs around $5,500.00.













Fish Ponds/Water Reservoirs in Leprosy Villages- With this project we are knocking off two birds with one stone. In Leprosy colonies there are two very obvious needs: water and food.  Fish are raised to supply protein to the diet of the colonists. The fishponds also collect water during the rainy season. This nutrient rich water is used to grow bigger vegetables. The water can also be boiled and used as drinking water when necessary. Through fish sales the project is sustainable. Each fishpond costs around $7,500.00.

















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